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GENERAL GAMEPLAY 1 What is the game about? The dramatic encounter between H. sapiens and H. erectus 130,000 years ago. As a player you play as the H. sapiens 2 What is the reward for winning? Fame and glory! 3 Is the game free to play? Yes, the game can be played entirely for free. Premium boosts can be bought by players to improve various aspects of the game 
but are never a requirement. 4 Is there a tutorial or manual on how to play the game? Yes, it can be found here 5 Can I play as the Erectus? No, the Erectus are computer controlled. 6 Some of my buildings are not getting finished when I try to boost them with gold, what's going on? The construction of the city hall, bridge, wall and treasury can't be boosted using gold, you will have to build them the old fashioned way. 
These limitations are put in place to make sure that the players using gold can't quickly throw up walls right before an incoming attack 
or completely dominate the early stages of the game with sheer strength in numbers. 7 How do I conquer/bribe a city?
To conquer a city you have to check the "Conquer city" option on the battle screen and make sure to include a chief in your army.
If your army is victorious you will get a notification letting you know that the city was conquered.

8 How do I join an alliance?
To join an alliance you should message a member of the alliance that you wish to be a part of.
If the alliance wants you to join the alliance leader can add you.

9 Why did my tax go up to 100%?
When the silver balance in any of your cities reaches 0 your taxes will rise to 100% in order to combat the shortage. 
It is up to you to find the city that caused the problem and fix it so that you may reduce your taxes again.

10 Why was my army destroyed?
The opposing army was stronger than yours, you can see the army that attacked you in your battle reports.
To learn more about battles please refer to the "Battles" section of the manual.
 11 Why can't I see my buildings?
Buildings that are level 0 are invisible until hovered over. If you can't see a building that is level 1 or higher please file a bug report.

12 Why didn't I get my quest reward?
All quest rewards go to your capital city regardless of where you accepted the reward. Please make sure that your capital city has enough space to store the reward. 
13 Why can't I find my villages to send workers to?
You can't send workers from your city to a village. You can only send between cities.

14 How do I change the location of my capital?
By leveling up your treasury(s), the city with the highest level treasury is your capital city. Please keep in mind that the treasury's highest possible level is 5. Once one of your cities has reached a level 5 treasury you can no longer change your capital. Registration 1 I'm getting an error message telling me that my e-mail address is invalid, what do I do? You will receive this message when trying to sign up using an e-mail address that is already in our database, please use a different e-mail address. 2 I did not receive a confirmation e-mail after signing up. You should receive one soon after registering, please check your spam folder. 3 Where can I register? At the homepage! If you are a resident of Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia or Philippines, you can also play on and join the tournament. Login 1 I can't login with Facebook. You have to have a Facebook account in order to be able to log in using Facebook. Make sure to have your Facebook login details at hand. 2 I can't login with Google. You have to have a Google account in order to be able to log in using Google. Make sure to have your Google login details at hand. 3 I forgot my password, where can I reset it? You can reset your password using the “Forgot password” button on the login screen. premium, privacy and data 1 What happens to the information I send you? Maata Games treats all personal information confidentially and with the utmost respect, we will never provide details to third parties without 
your prior consent. More on our pricavy policy can be read in our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy 2 Is the online payment safe and secure? Our online payments are handled by Adyen, a secure, reliable and global provider of online payment services 3 I don't want to spend any money, can I play for free? Yes, the game can be played for free, premium boosts can be bought to speed up your progress but a player who plays for free can get 
the same results as one that uses gold, only slower. 4 How do I purchase gold? You can buy gold by clicking the gold icon at the top of the in-game screen, to the right of the Erectus logo. 
After selecting a package you'll have to go through the steps that appear on the screen 5 What kind of payment options can I use? We accept various methods of payment, these differ per country. Please select the country in which you reside from the list in order 
to see the payment options available to you. 6 Can I get a refund for gold that I don't want to use? Purchased gold can not be refunded. 7 What can I do with the gold I buy? You can use gold for every gold-related feature in the game, these include account boosts, system trades, resource and structure production boosts and more! Community 1 Are there online communities where I can find more information about Erectus? Yes, you can access our forum via and the 
wikia via 2 Who moderates the forum? The Erectus team 3 Can I be a forum moderator? Yes, you can! Please send us a motivational e-mail along with your personal info to About Maata Games 1 Who owns Erectus the game? Maata Games BV 2 Will you be releasing more games? Yes System Requirements 1 What are the system requirements for the game? ﷯